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give credit next time

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoKOrt Aj1Z4

sounds awfully alike...seems like you just copied it and gave it a twist and changed it up. i like what you did to the song but dont act like its original, and give credit to the one who inspired you

B0UNC3 responds:

Ah this was a mistake on my part actually. "Even more heavily inspired than the last edit!!!!" was pointing at the first version I had uploaded, which in turn actually said that it was inspired by milkyway.

I (as you can see) removed the first edit and forgot to change the description of this file.

If that's not a good enough answer for you then please let me know ;)

all seemed fine to me??

Loved the piano intro and the beat was really good. I really liked the gated sound that fades in and out. You used a lot of effects and stuff too to really give the sounds more dynamics. Its not all about a hard kick and bass, some songs are meant to be like this, more on the mellow side. 10/10. 5/5 and favorited. PM me if you make a final. :]


I really like the lead haha and the little stutter like sounds. I think the bass could use a bit more work but its fine. 10/10. 5/5. Keep making more!

DJ-Frosted responds:

XD wewt


you got better haha. finally making full songs and stuff :D i liked the part from 1:08, it really sounded like something dark on that part haha. Cool song, but try to add little details to enhance it :D

DJ-Frosted responds:

hmm its released way too soon like most of my songs rofl

Haha wow lol

Really busy here :D I really like how you changed a lot up as well for the song. The breakbeat was really nice..i liked it :D good job on this!

757irish responds:

thnx :)

Best dubstep i heard on NG

You should consider making a full length song :D 10/10. 5/5


I dont know...the teaser was better..i expected more but this was just ok.. keep working at it guys! maybe vocals will help it!

Ooh yeah.

I can definitely hear a hardstyle track coming from this. Nice melody! 10/10. 5/5!

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Haha thanks, glad you see it too :D This is definitely going to be a hardstyle song. It's too good to be just left in the dark..

Thanks for the nice review, and everything!

-Cheers Brando


good stuff here. this is really good and the quality is great. I really liked it and i think your on your way to being pro! 5/5 10/10

I make music because i love music and its fun :)

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