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Random Melodies!

2009-03-08 05:51:54 by DjSc00p

Edit : Okay, scratch just making the short little melodies. I decided that instead of making a series of melodies, im gonna make a series of really short songs lol. So yeah...thats the only change. Now its short mini songs instead of just like 15 second loops. Can someone teach me to submit these Mini Songs in like groups of maybe like 3-5? So that they are like 2-4 minutes each submission and play back to back? . Well, for now I'll be submitting them one by one so stay tuned!!


I'm going to start making just some random melodies and stuff. I'm gonna try to make them catchy and stuff and enjoyable lol. I'm going to be making a lot of melodies when i get the time so stay tuned for short little trance loops :D

Mini Song List

Mini Song #1

Mini Song #2

Mini Song #3

Mini Song #4 (New)

Top 5?!

2009-02-25 01:36:42 by DjSc00p

Thanks for the Top 5 Best of The Week! :D
Thanks to everyone who raised the score from the 0.87 to 4.40... It's gone a long way xD
Without you guys this would have been at the pit of newgrounds and no one would have heard it. Thanks a bunch everyone :D