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I make music because i love music and its fun :)

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Gratz man! You really did it this time :D Good work. Enjoy the top 5 :D

Is it your first top 5?

As they say the first time is always the one u remember.


yep, its my first time getting top 5 lol. its shocking how many people listen to your song once you get to top 5...i think i got like over 1000 views in a day xD
thanks brando :D


thanks man :D ill keep it up just for you guys :D


thanks :D means a lot to me

What did you make it with?

a program called FL Studio 8. You should get it, its really good. Just gotta get the hang of it thats all

wow u had a .87(lol gud works deserves better)? yea theres alota haterz on ng that just dishes out zero's

Yeah...too many zero bomers out here.. its dangerous work submitting because of them xD. Yeah, when i first put this in, people zero bombed it right off the start so it was .87. Then people gradually heard this and the score went up. I wonder how they all found the song tho.. xD.

Lucky you, man. Seriously, I like the song and all, but it kinda gets dissapointing when someone else my age gets top 5 before me XD!!!. MUST GET TOP FIVE MYSELF!!!

Haha. Dont worry your time will come too. You gotta keep trying :D

I certainly hope so. My best-ranked songs are only in the 3-4 range, and people zeroshelled (worse than zerobombed) my latest 4 GVP remixes.

dont worry Head Up was zero bombed when i submitted, and trust me, if you make a top 5 material song, it will get there somehow.

Lol hey man. Getting top 5 is like a massive motivational kick. Getting all time no.1 as well is like getting a motivational roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris. You really drilled it this time.

hey I worked on the collab song we were making today. It's about 80% done. Just need to tweak the outro and a little bit of the intro and it'll be ready to submit. I'll go on aim sometime, and catch you there.

LOL motivational roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris. Yeah, but the scores going down and down, but its fine lol as long as i got lots of people to see my song :D. Yay our songs almost done lol

You. Me. Sex. Now. Taco.

LOL no! You got AIDS!

Eww. Eww. Eww. Eww. Eww.

Oh, and dude, I don't use AIM. Now if you got xfire, you can contact me that way.

Brand0 was talking to me o.o

Dude, why'd you leave that crap there? That's disgusting, man.

Anyways...what do you mean I drilled it? Did you mean that I'm close to getting in the top 5?

Once again, he was talking to me xD. And dont sweat about top 5, it just takes time to get there.

Your songs are super. :D

Thanks heheh :D

OH!!! Ok, my bad. Anyways, speaking of xfire, I just remembered: you can send files using that program. I've done so.

Xfire? i have AIM u can send files there too xD.

But I don't have AIM, I have xfire...