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Random Melodies!

Posted by DjSc00p - March 8th, 2009

Edit : Okay, scratch just making the short little melodies. I decided that instead of making a series of melodies, im gonna make a series of really short songs lol. So yeah...thats the only change. Now its short mini songs instead of just like 15 second loops. Can someone teach me to submit these Mini Songs in like groups of maybe like 3-5? So that they are like 2-4 minutes each submission and play back to back? . Well, for now I'll be submitting them one by one so stay tuned!!


I'm going to start making just some random melodies and stuff. I'm gonna try to make them catchy and stuff and enjoyable lol. I'm going to be making a lot of melodies when i get the time so stay tuned for short little trance loops :D

Mini Song List

Mini Song #1

Mini Song #2

Mini Song #3

Mini Song #4 (New)


Hey man, you SERIOUSLY have some talent. You need to submit your songs to like a record company or something. You could be the...
Lol, anyways, sorry to bother you, but about how long does your first Audio Submission take to appear on the main page? It's been 3 days...

It should appear on the new audio submissions like instantly... Is that what you mean?

I sent you a PM about GVP. Have you read it yet?

yep :D

Dang you have a lot of saves. I have way more blams than saves but you are quit the opposite.

Yeah, i dont like to blam people :D

I agree, i'm reather save than blam.

B.T.W. that tunes are very nice but need some care.
Keep it up!

Thanks :D I hope to make them sound good(the ones i choose to finish). And thanks a lot for the pictures/icons that your making me :D

Hmmm, the new header look alot more professional.
I'm Glad tour happy with it!

The minisong system is a good way to work with.
Some people have about 5-10 or even more unfinished songs. -.-

Yeah, it keeps my songs more organized and i can pick which ones i wanna finish later lol. The banner looks really pro man :D It looks really great and thanks so much for it!

Hi!!!!!!!!!! if you have time write to me in inbox!!!!!!!

bleh, i just listened to all your songs in one day. 90% of the problem is, your songs are too short. Your best song is elysium or whatever. The End.

Stop being dead! Upload some new sawngs :(

Hey, you alive? I'd be disappointed to know you quit or something.

If you don't know what to do next, try listening to Crazy Motorcycle from FFVII. Really catchy tune, would make a nice trance mix.